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Do Cosmetics have role in Climate change?

There are many movements, organizations etc. in the world who care about the planet. There is only one planet in which living beings can inhibit easily. It is our responsibility to give the planet as it is to our next generation, as our ancestors gave to us. 

Is it possible? YES for sure. We don’t follow the natural way of living. Our life-style is fully loaded with harmful chemicals. We are integrated with the harmful chemicals right from our childhood. 

The cosmetics we use daily leave residue on the earth which is also a major cause for climate change, ground water scarcity etc. These harmful chemicals are not only harmful to the Planet, they are also responsible for growing various kind of diseases Physically, Mentally & Emotionally. Harmful chemical loaded Cosmetics penetrates through our skin until the DNA level. 

The modern world do not have ability to face any problems with braveness. Whenever a situation or a problem arise they either escape or go to depression. It is not that our ancestors didn’t have any problems, they were brave enough to accept the situation and also to resolve them.

Would you believe all these major problems have connections with the Cosmetics we use. 

Some study says using harmful chemical can cause cancer and also neuro diseases. 

Our ancestors were using natural organic driven products for their daily beauty purpose. 

Using Essential oils, carrier oils in our daily will help us to live healthy.

This is the reason Vivid Nature is here with a CAUSE, COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY to save the planet. 


Bye. See you with one other informational healthy cosmetic tip. 

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